One doesn’t stay in a state of nirvana by hiding from difficulties. You stay in nirvana by lavishing nirvana on everyone you meet, by giving it away as fast as you receive it.

Adyashanti (via purplebuddhaproject)

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Society speaks and all men listen, mountains speak and wise men listen.

John Muir (via thecalminside)

A great nation is like a great man:
When he makes a mistake, he realizes it. Having realized it, he admits it.
Having admitted it, he corrects it.
He considers those who point out his faults as his most benevolent teachers.
He thinks of his enemy as the shadow that he himself casts.

Lao Tzu (via thecalminside)

7 Ingredients for a Happy Life


1. Decide to let go of worry and “what ifs”

2. Work on developing your self-confidence

3. Forgive yourself, and others, and let go of grievances

4. Be open and warm in your relationships

5. Don’t compare yourself with other people

6. Define own success

7. Be optimistic, and keep on persevering.

In a way, you are poetry material. You are full of cloudy subtleties I am willing to spend a lifetime figuring out.

Franz Kafka, Letters to Milena (via kafkaesque-world)