The 10 Commandments for a Good Life


1. I accept that I’m not perfect, and there’s no perfect time – Too many people are hanging around and waiting for the perfect opportunity – or the time when they are perfect and have all the skills they need. But life rewards effort; so get out there and work hard … and eventually you’ll find…


i hate that and i hate that whole ‘men are simple creatures’ notion. like nah. some men are simple. some men are incredibly complex. all men are people. like i think even men internalize that narrative which makes some of them so difficult to emotionally connect with because they blame everything…

In one sense, the enlightened life is one of total insecurity; you live and act from the Unknown. We’re used to acting from the distorted sense of security that our mind provides, but Freedom doesn’t operate that way. It’s a paradox. Precisely because you don’t know, and you know you don’t know, the door is wide open to know in each moment. That’s when you know—in each moment. By resting in not knowing, knowing becomes available.

Adyashanti, The Impact of Awakening (via cricketbaker)